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Stilton Jumpers ...
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Author Stilton Jumpers ...
Hey guys ; I'm having an issue w/ my Stilton Adapter ... I'd initially had it hooked up with the EVIN, using the supplied cable ... But now, due to space restrictions in my live rig, I'm paring back to just the Stilton for interfacing w/ guitar pedals. I kept the jumpers that came w/ the module ; just not sure how to put them back in so that the Stilton can operate by itself. Right now, I'm getting no level back from the pedals with the jumpers on as i remember them (from l --> r :: black, red, black, red, then open) or with them removed entirely ... Let me know if you have any ideas ...
ok ; i've tried just about everything ... i read the bit in the manual about the jumpers only controlling the "flow" of the signal into each successive "module" from the previous one, so i took them out (my setup uses four signals into four separate pedals) ... even still, with the mix down i'm getting signal in & out of the module ; pedals are getting level from the module ; just nothing back from the pedals at any gain ... any ideas or help would be great ...
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