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My DIY Oakley inspired system
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Author My DIY Oakley inspired system
I started building my Oakley modular two and a half years ago. A leisurely pace driven by time and funding, the photo shows the main two Oakley racks with a Dual Filtrex and TM3030 on the top. In the centre on the top is my version of the MFOS 16 step quantized sequencer (including my own DIY additions). 2.5 years ago I had never built anything in the electronics arena or used a modular synth so I am really pleased with the outcome so far.

My only rationale for choosing Oakley at the time was that it was in the UK (as am I), had DIY build instructions and support via this forum. Wow, what a fortuitous decision to have made. I have been delighted with my decision from the beginning. The completed modules sound superb, the documentation is first rate and any problems (of which there have been very few) have been quickly resolved either by searching this forum or posting for assistance.

You can probably spot there is 2U of space left to fill the right hand cabinet, I haven't yet decided what to put in there but there are a couple of newer modules I haven't yet built.

Many thanks Tony, I look forward to more DIY builds, some more surface mount like the Flanger would be good, I personally enjoyed the challenge.
'Tis a beautiful sight.

Where did you get your rack cases? And do they have a back? My 12U one has a solid back which is nice because it keeps out the dust but it's a bit of pain when you want to change things around and need to get at the wiring.

I'm supposed to be working on the MAP (and a run of ready made SRE330s) so I'm not sure when the next 5U module will be out. That said, I have a few things I'd like to try out so who knows what will turn up.

Where did you get your rack cases?

The cases are a custom order from 'Flightcase Warehouse' in the UK "12u install rack, 250mm between rails with side flip handles (no doors)" and were approx. £125 each including VAT and delivery.
And do they have a back?

As you can see from the photos I have fitted panels to the back (the rack case comes with front and rear 19" rails). As per one of Tony's suggestions I have mounted an Oakley power supply to the lower panel which also acts as a heat sink for the power transistors. It takes very little time to remove one or more rear panels to gain access to the interior which isn't that often anyway.

The panels and 2 sets of 5U rails were obtained from All Metal Parts.

thumbs up
Dr Gris
Very nice!!!

I also racked my system, but I used Swanflight in the UK.
I used the 7mm cases and opted for 30cm depth, can go down to 15 cm.
I have two 12U and two 10U and hope it won't get bigger...
30 cm feels sturdy enough if I ever bring it with me live. or-rack-case.html

Recently got some modules from Krisp1 so I'm rearranging right now.
Not into DIY anymore but it's mostly Oakley modules and I love them!!

I also like the idea of 12U so there's room for some utility stuff.
I got a couple of 1U utility strips (Control 3 + mults) from Krisp1.

I have left a dedicated space for the SRE330, hint...hint...

I'll post a pic somewhere when I'm done.

My 100th post to Muff screaming goo yo screaming goo yo
Room for perching another case on the filtrex I think SlayerBadger!
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