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bug savers
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Author bug savers
This is admittedly kind of a mundane topic... but...

Who here covers their bugs up when not in use?

I never have, 'cause I play semi-regularly and gosh they are nice to look at.

But my bedroom studio is a dusty one, so I think it's time to search out an appropriate bug cover.

Also, can pots always be cleaned / wiggled a bit to get the dust and crackliness out? i.e. should I always be covering up to keep everything in good working order?
T. Jervell
Well this of course hihi
ah, man that's cool! style upon style
I always covered all my gear with tissues/fabrics.

I cover the BugBrand with fitted sheet used normally on beds (the one with gripper elastics). I take one for both Buchla and BugBrand and use the gripper elastic to fit around both case corners.
Even so in my new place the system are full of dust, like the all house (never had so much dust in a living place in my life), but it's worth covering them IMO.

Depending on the size of the system a pillowcase can also be very useful (hem... a nice pillowcase of course). Not so cool as T. Jervell cover, but better IMO than nothing.
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