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Sequencer's little helper
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Author Sequencer's little helper
Having recently acquired a Q119 (just to see what all this sequencer hype is about) I decided it needed a helper to expand its possibilities. This add-on panel plugs into the connector on the sequencer PCB. It adds gate outputs for row 1, 2 1/2 trigger busses, and a panel selectable stop channel. Although there are four trigger outputs (actually gate outputs, the width controlled by the gate width control on the main panel), there are only two rows of switches with each switch assigning its output to one or the other of two buses.

The first column of switches can assign output to either a trigger bus or the stop bus. The stop bus output is available on the front panel or normalized through a cable on the rear to the sequencer's stop input.

In 3x8 mode, the switch functions by column are A|Off|Stop, A|Off|B, and C|Off|D. In 1x24 mode by column, the switch functions are A|Off|Stop, A|Off|Stop, C|Off|Stop. At the C output, the A output is ORed with the C output if no connector is inserted in the A output. This effectively gives, in 1x24 mode using the C output, one full trigger bus covering all 24 positions and one full stop bus covering all 24 positions. Hopefully, this explanation is clear.

10 MU of panelly goodness:

In action, many blinking LEDs . . .:

Bryan B
That is great! I am considering making something similar for my Q960.
I'm still a bit bewildered by your description. I tend to do better with hands on use. Would you have time to demonstrate it in a video form?

The panel isn't marked with symbols so it is purely my imagination that is the function now.

Do you have plans on producing these? If so keep us informed. The Q119 is a great sequencer but the lack of step IN/OUT jacks is what gives the Q960 the edge IMO.

I have an STG trigger mini store and companion modules on order and I was planning on using these for a more viable trigger control in conjunction with the Q119. Your Q119AUX module looks as if it would be handy in that role.

Nice. I have a Q119 myself and would love per-step switchable trigger/gate outputs.
Nice job, John! 8_) (I like the white LEDs and the one green one on your Q119 too! love Did you do that or did it come that way?)

I had always wanted to do that when I had my Q119 and still think about it! There was info on the Wiki about building the circuit but . . . seems like the WIKI is down, waah I always had wished Roger would have at least made a PCB board for DIYers to make doing the mod easier.

I had thought of several implementations but the final one I was leaning towards is this:

1) move the Manual Step switch down with the other pushbuttons (underneath Set End)

2) move the Gate Width control up to the hole where the Manual Step had been (probably use a smaller pot and a small knob and )

3) Have a nice little rectangular panel made to cover the entire area where the Gate Width control had been. It would hold three rows of eight toggle switches for selecting which steps you want gates for.

4) Add either a new jack next to the Bank Output jacks in each row for these new selectable gates or just add a toggle switch to switch between the normal gate out and the selectable ones using the existing Gate jacks.

The discussion was in this thread:
That looks even better, John. I wish I could do all those mods but I suck at electronics, even though I'm an electronic engineer. cry

I will probably end up buying an STG Time Buffer + Trigger Stores combo and sync it to my Mobius. But first, I need a big enough modular to do drums and a couple synth lines simultaneously nanners
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