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Expert Sleepers Storage Strip
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Author Expert Sleepers Storage Strip
I wondered what the likelihood was of an expert sleepers storage strip?

Seems like Macro Machines are out of the game, leaving a gap in the market for a small footprint hp alternative (ideally with a mungo-style zoom switch).

I'm sure there are many who would jump to purchase such a thing to accompany a disting. I know I would.
Never say never.

What does the 'zoom switch' do?
Increases the resolution of a module’s pots for fine-tuning purposes. On modules that are designed to do this, of course.
Thanks. Sounds useful.
It really is.

OK, final thought that would smash this out of the park... The original storage strip would only reliably work with upto 3 modules. It would be unbelievable if a new alternative could work with 5+ modules. Instant recall for a quintet of distings & mungo's would be just amazing.
Final suggestion relating to this, what about a new mode on Disting enabling it to function as a Storage strip by saving the settings of other distings / compatible select bus modules (mungo etc)? Ideally using the Z knob for zoom functionality.

I know it’s in some ways treading on the toes of the midi expander but it would serve for those with no desire for midi etc, and add to the already compelling case for requiring multiple distings.
The disting can't send on the select bus, only receive.

But I suppose we could use the disting's MIDI output to drive the select bus breakout.
Just poking my head back in to think about this. Having checked the documentation, I can't say with clarity whether this functionality already exists or if this is something you would consider adding Os? How would you use the disting / select bus breakout to create a saved bus state and could there be a way to cycle through multiple saved 'preset' states. To be able to cycle using CV would be masterful.
The protocol is essentially this:

- MIDI program change does a save or recall
- CC #16 is used to determine whether it's a save or recall. It's a recall unless CC #16 has been sent with value 127.

So those are the messages you want to send, under CV control if you desire.
Thanks for that, do you know if there's a limit to the number of modules you can send a message to on the bus?
There's no theoretical limit.
Just came here to +1 the need for a module that has the functionality of the storage strip.
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