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[BUILD] Seismic spink-0 ableton link euro DIY module
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Author [BUILD] Seismic spink-0 ableton link euro DIY module
Remember the pink-0? Seismic has now released the spink-0 -- euro guys are now able to build an open-source synth module to connect their rig wirelessly using Ableton’s Link technology--. The spink-0 adds Link compatibility to any modular synth, allowing it to jam with Ableton Live, selected iOS apps and lots of other stuff.

This isn't your mama's beginner DIY module, but if you have some experience and recognize this for the amazing capability it brings, you may want one!

pcb sets are available from seismic directly

and also from us here:
It may be available elsewhere, we're not certain.

Please feel free to use the thread for build examples, questions etc. As the Seismic guys state themselves, this is a rev1.0 development --so it may need a little extra effort, tweaking etc.

But definitely worth taking a look !
Looks great! gotta get my SMD chops up a bit on this ripples, but then i'll be sending disposable income their way.

Probably your way too—been drooling over a few projects on synthcube since i took the plunge into DIY! Dead Banana
Good idea, cool project! love
I wrote a post on this great project for the Raspberry Pi blog:
wow! thank you for the shoutout!
Ive built the spink succesfully and i could connect it to ableton link. Its awesome!!!
I have an issue sending the clock to beatstep pro. I cannot configure it to receive the clock from the spink0.
surely it should be something realted to ppq and lenght.
Any ideas how to configure the BS pro to make it work with the spink?

Sometimes the BSP requires a TRS cable or a stereo splitter cable for clock in to work correctly.
yes. thats correct. Needs a stereo divider cable, one for the clock and the other for the start/stop. Thank you
according to your picture you took the reset out instead of the clock out. that will make a veeery slow beat for the beatstepPro.
take the left output.

i also had ground issues with some usb powered devices. aldought i don’t have them at home.

PS: i'd change the default ppq value of the beatstep pro, but thats a personal taste and can only be done with the midi control center software from arturia.

that TRS thing made me wonder smile

-> quote from the beatstep manual:

The use of a TRS jack will provide both clock and start signals. A TS jack will provide only clock signals.

but thats enough for me, since the spink does make the count-in to the next beat.
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