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Last night's performance... patch excerpt. Advice?
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Author Last night's performance... patch excerpt. Advice?

So... playing live and improvising sets was a goal from day one of starting the modular journey. As of last night I've played 3 synth meets, one MOTS, and as a side act between bands at a showcase. Some have been more successful than others. All have been a learning experience. None ended in disaster.... although one was a flop. When I started up the performance all my sequencers and delay rhythms did not reset proper and the clocks were fucked. I got it correct but the mind-fuck kept me out of the groove for the rest of that performance.

When reviewing my recordings, I feel like I get stuck live and transitioning takes too long. The linked video above is only the last 10 minutes of a 30 minute patch.... It should have been 5 minutes of ambient intro, 5 minutes of 1/2 time groove, 10-15 minutes of the groove you hear above, and just a few minutes of ambient drone out.

Any tips based on what you've heard/read about the journey? How do you get better (other than play more)?
The length and variety on this clip sounds right to me.
Keep it flowing. Transitions are important but making them subtle or subliminal can be something to shoot for. The listener is like “hey, how did we get here?” kinda thing.
Perhaps one or more of these will serve as jumping off points:

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