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Sd card and cv tracking issues mk4 Disting
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Author Sd card and cv tracking issues mk4 Disting
Having an issue i hope to sort out.

So i finaly came around making a little test with audio playback/sd card.
Loaded 35 mellotron key sampels into the sd, standard playlist file and indeed i can play the notes but facing 2 strange issues:

1) i get a click noise on start of every sample play, repeatedly.
2) in this test its 35 notes of an instrument, i made sample selection to lowest note (first sample) and i can play the notes via cvpal from Ipad (just for testing) on a virtual keyboard. But instead of 1 note/sample per key i get consistent 1 note/sample over 3 keys. So every sample is triggered by 3 keys and next sample only by 4th key and so on.

Whats up there?

I am sending cv to Z and Gate to X

Any idea whats wrong with both issues?
for oct/volt control of sample use I-3 audio playback with v/oct.different algorithms have different controls, see manual for xyz uses.
Isnt the purpose of i3 to pitch one single sample across the v/oct range?

I am trying to play sveral samples monophonic. 1 sampler per key.
not being facetious here but have you checked the clicks aren't coming from the samples themselves? i have used a monotron samples before in hardware and software samplers and i know there is a slight note-on click that is at the start of the sample, its kinda part of the sound
Its mellotron samples i recorderd and trimmed myself. Absolutely no clicks in the files. But i understand you ask.

Could this be sd card dependent? Its a HC 10 but no big name. But simce the sounds did sound....

The note issue is even more confusing
i would have to defer to someone with more knowledge about the SD card compatibility though there is the following note in the disting manual -

SD Card Playback
Supported MicroSD cards
In theory any MicroSD card will work, but in practice there is a huge variety of cards on the market
and we cannot possible test them all. We recommend 32GB SDHC cards, and in particular have
found "SanDisk Extreme 32GB microSDHC UHS-I U3" cards work well.
The MicroSD card must be formatted in FAT32 format, which is the as-sold state for many cards. If
not, cards can easily be reformatted to FAT32 in Windows or macOS
Yep i also kinda hope its the crappy card. Will try a sandsik then
fyi i just checked the SD card I have in my Disting and it's just a generic one.. is the clicking thing a constant with other samples also?
Will try
There is no mode currently that is designed to select which sample to play from a 1V/octave input. You would have to scale your CV by trial and error to get it to track one sample per semitone.

Re. clicks, have you turned off the crossfades in the playlist?
Aaaaah okay i was indeed missassuimg that midi via cv would track sample per semitone. That clears things up.

I did zero or 1 the gap command if thats what you meant? Made the playlist rm minimal no special commands.
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