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Last module and have got stuck with the Adsr
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Author Last module and have got stuck with the Adsr
Just the ADSR/VCA to go now on my modular. Wired it all up but the LED only lights very quickly as in it dies as soon as it's lit no matter which knobs I turn.

Also it only just manages to effect the cv of anything it's connected to for about a millisecond. I've checked the board and all I can think of is that I only used the 2 point sockets the ones without the n/c on them.

Any idea's where I might have gone wrong.

Many thanks in advance.
Do you have the AD & SR jumpers fitted?

No, but I did solder up a couple of wires so I could connect them to see if it made any didn't :(

If you still do the service I might have to send it up to you to take a look at if that's cool, usual fee of course. But anything you might know of to hand that I could try would be good.
As Tony mentioned, the A-D and S-R jumpers are important. If you are building a non VC ADSR, these jumpers actually connect the pots to the rest of the circuit, so you need to fit all 4. There are a total of 4 jumpers that need to be installed, I used 0.1 inch jumper strip and jumpers, so that I can add a VC control later if I want.

As regards the jacks, using a switched jack for the 'IN' jack is again important to the working of the ADSR. If you don't have anything plugged in to the 'IN' jack, the N/C connection routes a DC voltage to the output circuitry so that you can get an ADSR output.

I've just got two of these working myself, so I can recognise some of the issues you have encountered so far.

Give it another try and see how you get on.


Thank you for the eye opener, I must have not been reading the manual correctly. I shall go over that section with more attention tomorrow.

Doh d'oh!
Ok I 've got the adsr led reacting to the adsr settings and it is modulating the vcf when I connect the Out+ to the CV1 in on the filter......but......

It's very weak, even with the amplifier potentiometer thing adjusted to full, feels like it's on 10% power?

But at least I'm kind of getting there.
What have you got running into the IN jack? Like Mike says, with nothing plugged in there should be an internal 5V signal going to the NC lug of that jack. The ADSR output should then go to +5V peak.

Did you set the gain trimmer on the PCB? Did you get 5V output with S turned fully up?

The other thing to try is putting audio through the IN jack. The audio should then be shaped by the ADSR, ie. it's volume should be changed but nothing else. The maximum signal output (at S =100%) should be the same as the volume of the signal going in. That is, the gain of the ADSR's internal VCA should be +1 or 0dB, when fully open.

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