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Synth Module Quick Reference
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Author Synth Module Quick Reference
Maybe one of these things has happened to you....

- You're learning the features of a new module but then you get a newer module without having fully explored the first module
- You get a new module, throw away any accompanying documentation (or just ignore it) and try to figure out the features yourself
- You forget about an excellent module for a while, go back to it and can't remember WTF it does
- Somehow you damaged your memory during your youth and your can't remember things as well as you once did.

Well I've fallen victim to all of the above. For the longest time I've been thinking about putting together a document containing snippets of manufacturer documentation on each of the modules I build. I would keep this document handy by my modular and whenever I couldn't remember what little tricks a module had to offer I could quickly refer to it.

Well all the thinking in the world didn't get the document created so I got off my ass, got out my cut-and-paste-o-matic and built the first version.

This document contains information on products by Barton, Cat Girl, Hexinverter, Oakley Modular and Random Source. This is NOT a replacement doc but, again, merely excerpts of the documentation containing some cool features that might not be apparent.

If you notice an omission or correction please let me know. If you have additional tips or tricks for the modules listed that you'd like to share please let me know and I'll include them in future revisions of the document giving you credit for the tip.

I hope you find it useful!...

I use a ring binder with all the instruction manuals ( euro only for now), divided by manufacturer.

and I put any quick cheat sheets on the inside covers... we have a laminating machine at work and when its quiet, I've been making little A5 guides for all my regular reference..

like the Volca Beats MIDI implementation, or what I have MIDI controllers mapped to, I have had to refer to that 200 times at least.
Rex Coil 7
^ same.
Thanks! thumbs up Downloaded for future reference. Driving
^ ditto and thanks Rich!
Thanks Rich! Great document.
Ditto on printed copies of technical manuals in a three-ring binder.
Thanks guys! I hope you find it handy.
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