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Bench Power Supply for a constant CV for Tuning purposes?
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Author Bench Power Supply for a constant CV for Tuning purposes?
Hey all

Thanks for looking and sharing insights :-)

Thinking of using my digital programable DC power supply to create accurate constant CV to use for tuning synths.

EG. I have a SEM to tune that requires +3.000v and want to make sure I'm giving it safe current.

Presumably it will only pull what it needs so as long as voltage is save current will self manage? Or best to match max current to the power supply of the synth I'm tuning?

Advice appreciated!
The module will only pull what it needs if it is working right. You will only get an overcurrent if something shorts out, so you may want to limit current to reduce damage (i.e. you only blow parts, not start a fire.) Be advised that many modules pull extra current when they turn on, so allow for that.
A constant voltage power supply (like the one you have) will adjust its output current to keep a constant voltage at its terminals. The current rating is the maximum that it can deliver, but only if the circuitry it's connected to asks for it.

For a cheap thrill, read about thevinen (sp?) And Norton equalivents.
Altitude909 tage_reference
Although there should be no danger of damage from overcurrent or similar - as others have said, the module will only draw as much current as it needs - if supplying only a CV input and not power as such, I would place a small load (like a 1k resistor or so) across the supply, in parallel with the module input. It's possible that the supply may not do as good a job of regulating the voltage accurately when it is supplying only the very small amount of current that the module will draw.

I'd also be cautious about trusting the accuracy of a voltage readout built into a power supply. Some high-end supplies are very accurate, but the built-in voltmeters on a typical hobbyist-grade supply are less accurately calibrated than your usual multimeter.
Thank all for the valuable input. Will compute and tune!
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