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sequencer with µTune ... issues? A couple specifics
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Author sequencer with µTune ... issues? A couple specifics
Love my µTune, and it works great with S&H, random stepped voltages and other sources like my PP... BUT, with my Copper Traces Seek sequencers the µTune is not playing well... I took a video and sent it to Tobias, but after making sure everything in my unit was updated and reset per instructions in another thread, I have come to the conclusion that the Seeks are just not matched well to the µTune ... Even with a five note sequence it skips notes, and responds in strange ways at times, playing notes that seem to come out of nowhere, shifting octaves at random times, etc.

Looking at replacement sequencers and have been thinking a lot about workflow and how I create music with my modular. AND thinking about a system that is easy to carry and easy to gig with..... I am supposed to fly to NY soon and was planning on being a guest on a podcast and doing a couple gigs and realized taking my 9 U system, with a MDLR 6U and a separate 3U skill is a big pain..... SO...thinking a about shrinking my system to 6 U, with a 42 hp mixer and output small skiff with a delay and reverb pedal, and going with a Monome grid and Ansible....

Has anyone used the grid and Ansible with the µTune ??

This post has changed several times as I spend more time thinking about this a researching sequencers....

My music is not dance orientated, but more theme and variation with a lot of improv, and VERY much for live playing... Melodic lines that mix with polyrhythms, and morph into composite rhythms... I also use a lot of different sounds and noise....

Anyway, cool, thanks for any thoughts!
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