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UniPulse and CR-78
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Author UniPulse and CR-78
I noticed a recent Reddit post where someone used a Tubbutec on a Roland CR-78. I also happen to be a lucky owner of a CR-78 with some basic engineering skills and I'd love to take the on the installation project myself. The Reddit poster mentioned that his / her audio tech (who did the Tubbutec install) had been contacted by your team. Any chance detailed installation guides &/or pics will be available for a CR-78 soon?
For reference here is the video:

The CR-78 in question was quite broken and the tech removed the original control circuitry. Because of this he was not able to provide useful install instructions.
However by looking at the schematics we came up with a way which should work - we just did't have the chance to test it yet.

Here is a blog post showing the trigger points:
This guy made an in depth video series how to disassemble the CR78 and retrofit it with an other midi kit, but that might be also useful info for uniPulse.
The trigger points he uses look like a clean way to do it? dex=4
solitud wrote:

The trigger points he uses look like a clean way to do it?

From the video it's hard to understand where the points he uses are exactly in the schematic. I recommend using the one published in the blog post liked above.
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