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Aries Verb ( need help)
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Author Aries Verb ( need help)
need help in many ways: ( OSX 10.11, live10 ) ( i have the purchased version from 2018)

1. how can i save my own preset ? it has never worked ¨the best i got was to save the "alien resonator" preset under a new Name, just that the old preset was saved, not my tweaked one.
....and thast even looking like quite some success now vs. what i got out the last weeks. Nada ! can´t save something new.

2. there is no way to map some controller knobs to the Aries reverb ?
i can´t figure out anything........
ok, and i have no endless crashes. easily 50 crashes in 5 minutes or so. ...going direction 100 in 10.

went now deeper than ever bevore with my edits. i.e. Matrix, filter and I-O page.
the point is: i use the ariesverb "dynamically" and not statically by leaving a prest as is.
seems there are certain settings that this VST isn´t liking.

The parameters i play dynamically the most are the global "timebase" and the individual times for the single delay lines.

any feedbacks in this regard would also be much appreciated.
nobody ?

all ariesverb users here gonne ?
or do you think i just asked the obvious ?
I'm here but don't know that I have an answer for you.

Firstly I've found certain DAWS it crashes in more than others.
Ableton Live 9 an Bitwig have been fine but Reaper, Renoise and Tracktion I get a lot of crashes. I haven't upgraded to Live 10.

As for automation - the dev needs to list parameters and so far has not - therefore you can't map controllers because the DAW can't speak to the variables.

I have however managed to save presets so i'm not sure what your issue is there.

My suggestion is to communicate with the dev. What DAW are you using it with?

It is still in Alpha / Beta so these issues are gonna happen unfortunately.
i´m on Live10.

in an older thread here about resonators someone mentioned that the Ariesverb was "vaporvare".
personally i think that the ariesverb is one of the coolest VST FX available.
what a waist.......

ok. thanks for chimming in secretkillerofnames
It was Vaporware for years and then suddenly there was an update and a Mac version which is when I jumped in.

It's pretty amazing but I wouldn't say it's a done deal.

More a "make of it what you can".
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