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Used Easel problem?
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Author Used Easel problem?
I just bought a second-hand easel. On the sequencer, the first slider’s frequency seems off by about a half step when all five are at zero. When I touch this specific slider in a sequence, the pitch jumps much faster than the other sliders. Here's a video so you can see what I mean...

Is there a way to “recalibrate” sequencer voltage level sliders, or do you think this is a hardware issue that would require some kind of repair? I understand the sliders are not easily accessible if the case is opened up...
It's not possible to recalibrate the sequencer outputs.

It could be a slider problem, you can measure how its resistance changes when moved and compare to the others, the sliders solder joints should be easily accessible from the rear side of the motherboard.
Thanks for the info, everyone. Sending this off to drillionaire for repair as he’s not too far from me.
There are a couple of resistors per slider elsewhere in the Easel, unsure if this is the same with the seq sliders but if so one could be the wrong value.
According to Charles, there are no adjustments that can be made for the sequential voltage source.
Figures it wouldn't be as easy as that. Best luck for a simple repair.
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