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DDSR (/ClockBox Frame) Bus switches
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Author DDSR (/ClockBox Frame) Bus switches
I've had a number of queries about these - partly as I haven't yet done an instruction sheet.

Both the DDSR and the Quad Divider will have Bus routing options which will allow the Dual Clock Oscillator to directly drive them without patching.

There are 2pin headers, which carry full range 0 to +10V pulse waves from the DualClockOsc (DCO?! Dunno if that's a confusing name..)

This twin signal cable is received on the DDSR and QDiv modules, then there are also then 3pin headers so you can select by jumper which clock goes to the respective bus switch. As standard I will probably be setting Left to Clk1 and Right to Clk2.

Now, I did a few Chirpers with DDSRs and it struck me that I could probably wire up the bus routing - actually it was a little involved because the +/-5V osc outputs are NOT enough to clock via the bus input (they DO clock via the regular clock inputs though because these pass through input comparators)

I will at some point before too long post a picture of how and where to do the rear wiring for this - you need to add diodes and wire - not massively complex but at little bit...

If this is unclear (likely!) then ask questions!
Keepin it modular for now. lol
Seriously looking forward to those other modules thumbs up
particularly the divider - keep finding myself wanting to have things at half and quarter speed but unable to do so. Have been trying to use the rev1 weevil as a triple clock provider but getting the sync spots just right can prove quite difficult especially at faster speeds. Maybe I need to go the other way and try use the envelopes with attack-only to divide rather than squarewave syncs to produce multiplications
sungja wrote:
Keepin it modular for now. lol

"Phhheeeew" says my bank account hihi
Here are some pics of how to take Bus-Clock from the Chirper to modules like the DDSR:::

rico loverde
Are the diodes 1n4148’s?
rico loverde wrote:
Are the diodes 1n4148’s?

Yes - bog standard silicon signal diodes.
(sorry, super minimal post above!)
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