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Anyone using Bitwig with Push?
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Author Anyone using Bitwig with Push?
There is this Bitwig extension that brings Push 1& 2 control to Bitwig.

I'm thinking to make the jump and buy Bitwig for this... Is anyone already using it ? How well does it work and is anything missing compared to Push's Live functionality?

Can you assign the encoders to devices and control external synths with MIDI CCs, and do the names of the parameters show up on the Push display?

I could try the demo but maybe someone already has?

Yes I use Bitwig with push (1). It works fine for my needs, but to be honest, I probably only use half the functions on it. I use the scales mode and drum machine mode alot (works perfect), launch a clip now and then (works great too), and yes it also works to control other synths/devices or external hardware.

I almost never use the browser inside push because it's much easier to just type the device you want (bitwig's browser is fantastic imho). Also I never use the push sequencer (feels useless in both bitwig and ableton to me)

Switching back to ableton, push feels a little more snappy and some things just work a little better with ableton, but I think the other features bitwig has to offer compensate largely for that.

I don't own a push 2 but if I am correct, there is not much to gain from a push 2 in bitwig, it does not have the sampler integration, and you'll need an extra app to be able to communicate with the push 2 screen.
Thanks for the feedback.
The incoming Bitwig 2.4 update removes the need for the separate push 2 display app, so the Bitwig devs seem to be supporting this.
Moss is still very active with developing the extension further and is still supporting the Push 1 so it's looking good for everyone. I think I'm ready to take the jump and invest in Bitwig.

The new Push step sequencer in Live 10 is more useful IMO... hopefully Moss will implement that too, and improve on it. I just can't begin to tell you how much Ableton sucks. Guinness ftw!
Yep, the sequencer in Live 10 is much better...worth upgrading to 10 for that imo.
Yes I switched from ableton to bitwig about 2 years ago. I needed to get used to it for about 2 weeks. When you go back to ableton after that, it feels crippled. The depressive colors, the lack of all the little workflow enhancements, the modulators and even the built-in devices...
i recently got a push 1 for bitwig and it works quite well.

though, i'm most likely going to sell it due to a lack of space/i haven't given myself the time to gain the muscle memory necessary to utilize it adequately.
Damn. I tried the demo of the current version of Bitwig (2.3.5) with both Push 1 and 2 and it wasn't good. I couldn't get the Push 2 display to work ( I followed instructions - when you see something like this needing Java you know it's a dice roll) and the Push 1 was totally useless for step sequencing - too buggy and laggy. There is also too much stuff that behaves differently and I can't be bothered to re-learn what the buttons do since it's not really integrated with Bitwig anyway... Gonna have to stick with Live and get into using my Maschine more for MIDI sequencing. Bitwig looks great but I need as much hardware control and as little mousing around as possible.. seriously, i just don't get it

I really hope the Bitwig dev team takes on the Push integration properly as this feels like a 3rd party hack that just doesn't work very well... and Moss has been working on it for 4 years already confused
unfortunately, Ive found the bitwig push implementation also not quite as intuitive as Live, and in the early days I did suggest to Moss that trying to be similar to Lives implementation would be a good thing... for those migrating.

but it seemed he had a different opinion, perhaps he thought he had ideas that were better suited to bitwig.
but personally, I still just find in clunky in comparison to live :(

also, im a bit disappointed some of the newer things, which are unique to bitwig , like modulators do not appear on the push2.

this is no disrespect to Moss, he has done an awesome job, its a hugely complex piece of software, and the push2 implementation is so feature rich... I just wish it followed the same workflow as Ableton, so it would be easier to switch between the two.

(Im happy to use both BWS and Live 10, they are great at different things imo)

anyway, Im going to give push2 + bitwig another try, as I do like Bitwig, its got some nice concepts, and now they seem to have sorted out the multi channel midi (which Ableton have not!), theres still an incentive for me to give it a (serious) go.

I think this time, what im going to try to do, is 'accept' that BWS/Push2 needs a laptop/computer for some interaction, that the push2 is for shortcuts, rather than being a complete instrument (as it is in Live)

(and accept Ableton have done an excellent job at that!)

I really wish Bitwig, would join forces with Moss on this,
he has done a fantastic job, and has often been hindered/limited by the Bitwig API - together Im sure they could do something as good as Ableton.
I think Moss does the best he can with what he has available, a few people have asked him to implement something akin to Live's implementation but he said it's not currently possible due to the constraints of the scripting.

However, with Bitwig 2.4, it's possible to pipe graphics to the Push hence it's no longer required to use Java to get the display to work - I'm hoping that he'll spend some time now adding some graphics magic to the Push implementation so that it matches more closely to the Live+Push combo.
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