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Outboard stuff
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Author Outboard stuff
I dont know much about outboard stuff. As per my tag line, i like synthesisers... : )

...but i just screened this for someone -

Anyone recognise it?
I do not, sorry. But it is sharp!
Its not my design! : )

...all i do is chop up metal.
Dual 1176 compressor by Drip Electronics:

Great stuff, but studio electronics is usually too different for me to easily build, a lot of the projects call for very specific (and sometimes expensive) parts.
I think I will do a few "translations" of projects to eurorack-ish formats (API 500 is not that much bigger, but it is different in that you need card edge on PCB and specific connectors, and XLR's will be on the back of the enclosure, which is not convenient for eurorack).
I did a germanium DI/Line preamp which sounds nice, a LA-2 esque limiter. think I'm also going to do some EQ things and projects using discrete opamps (I have my own Melcor 1731 clone I need to verify the PCB of).

Panel looks great Julian!
I did not recognise it as a 1176 (and i dont know enough about these things to do so)

Its curious as there are so many 1176 builds, all with very different panels. Again, I do not know the 1176, but i have cut a number of different layouts for people in the past, and, right now, have a hairball audio panel on the desk for re-printing - which looks nothing like the panel above!

I think the hairball one must just be single, as only one meeter cutout.
That's Greg/Drip's dual version of the Gates Sta-Level. The 1176 was designed by Universal Audio and was their solid state version of the 176 limiting amp. I've built both and I prefer the 176.

Most of the items that Drip releases you could build with just the schematic and turret boards (that's what I do now) but his kits are great ways to build yourself some iconic and awesome-sounding gear without going completely broke and it does make getting into tube voltages a little safer.
And another similar print for the same customer -

The owner of these parts just sent me this video -
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