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Strymon El Capistan!!!
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Author Strymon El Capistan!!!
Got it today, had it plugged in within 5 minutes of cracking the box.
ran some Voyager sequences through it and it is amazing!!
Crinkly tape setting rules, and the feedback is perfect

Doesn't trail out of the box .. gotta see about that.
Still need to see if it is true bypass as claimed or if it sucks tone.
New great sounding tape delay emulation from Strymon! wink
Just me
Read the manual. You have to hold down a button while powering up to get trails. (I'm not saying which one as you need to find the other gems in the short 8 page manual!)
Just me wrote:
Read the manual. You have to hold down a button while powering up to get trails.

Good to know, I was curious about that myself.
yup.. trails are a button push away..

gotta say, I love this thing..
Yep, trails possible. This is a great delay unit! It works well in an effects loop in a mixer as well with the 3db gain function.

For added pleasure hook up an expression pedal. screaming goo yo SlayerBadger! w00t
Video please It's peanut butter jelly time!
Just me
No video, but here are some sounds from it.
There are plenty of videos on Strymon's web page.
Just me
One hint on the trails. You only need to hold down the bypass switch once time to turn it on. It will stay one through power cycles. If you hold the bypass and power up a second time, it will turn off trails.
(And holding down the TAP button while it is in operation will go to infite repeats regardless of the knob setting and will revert to the knob as soon as you release the switch.)
Has anyone noticed intermittent repeat issues at all? Every once in a while the repeats shoot down to one or so.

Also, when powering it up, is it normal to have the mix reset to fully dry and the effect bypassed?
Just me
Mine is bypassed on power up but the MIX is where I left it.
I've not noticed any weird repeats when I don't have an EP2 plugged in.
Stays right where I've left it. The modeling of the moving head style echo units doesn't act like I remember them acting but it's been 25 years since I used one. My 'membering may not be so good.
I haven't noticed weird repeats either.
mix stays where I left it.
haven't tried the exp pedal yet.
So jealous.
Is there any guess on a ETA for the next batch? Are we talking weeks, months, or years?
HEY! Strymon is giving an El Capistan away for FREE!
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I got mine and I am MASSIVELY IMPRESSED!! This thing sounds so good and almost three-dimensional as well! I sat mesmerized in front of it all night and I'm seriously considering buying a second one so I can run a different source into it!! This IS the Roland Space Echo in a smaller I LOVE THIS PIECE SO MUCH!!
Another tip: you need to be in trails bypass mode in order for the bypass switch to control record on/off in sound-on-sound mode (if that makes any sense). Otherwise, when you hit bypass, you stop hearing the sound-on-sound loop until you go back out of bypass.

One thing I've noticed is a bit odd in sound-on-sound mode, using the above configuration, is the relationship between the bypass switch and the wet/dry mix control. It seems like the mix control controls the overall level of playback, but it doesn't actually respond to changes until you toggle the bypass switch... or something. Try playing with the combination of the two and you'll probably see what I mean.
One question...

Everytime I turn on the unit it has to have a signal going into it at the same time or it won't even turn on....this normal? I have to literally turn on something to run through it and pull the power cord out and put it back in.
I haven't come across that. It doesn't just turn on in Bypass mode?
No...I think I might have a defective one! I'm gonna have to contact Strymon and see what they say.
Let us know what they say. That's worrisome. Good luck! Mine should be here today..
But besides that it sounds INCREDIBLE with such low noise!! It's definitely QUALITY!!
insomniyack wrote:
But besides that it sounds INCREDIBLE with such low noise!! It's definitely QUALITY!!

I'm always at the end of the day (and I have today off)

..Ah the waiting
sad banana
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