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Frac Case sizes??
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Author Frac Case sizes??
Are all frac cases 19"?
Does any one make half size cases?

Euro rack has the 42, 84 and 104hp cases just wondering if there is anything like that in Frac.
make one for yourself if that's what you want/need
it's about the one of the easiest parts of modular DIY
Most frack racks are standard 19".
you need a special sized frac case for something?
build it
or you can always order 19" frac case from paia/blacet 5a1df66bea14ae91bf5e17
Of course, Blacet's newest RAK-3 is a nice turn key solution with built in power and distribution. Reasonable depth of six inches.

You might want add a lightweight cover of thin plastic or aluminum. Or just throw a towel over it when not in use to keep the dust out Actually a good idea for all your equipment. Who knows what's in dust (everything!).
The PAIA frac setup is just side panels and runners along the top. Optional top and bottom panels. I can't see why you couldn't just but down the 4 runners to whatever length you want and redrill the 8 holes used to attach the runners to the wings. If you want top and bottom to the cases (I usually don't use them) you'd need to cut those down as well, but with the right tools it should be pretty easy to do that.
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