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DIY Befaco sampling modulator calibration question
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Author DIY Befaco sampling modulator calibration question

I may have put my question in the wrong forum, so here it is again in the right one?!

It is written in the calibration instructions for the befaco sampling modulator (See last page of ssembly_Manual.pdf) :
You can also use a decent MIDI to CV interface or any device that can send pitch CV accurately as the voltage source. Just move within three octaves to make sure it's tracking properly.

It is the method I would like to use but I am not sure how. The instructions are
The calibration process is an iteration of successive approximations as follows:
• Connect a tuner to the CLOCK OUTPUT or to Pin 1 of IC3, the:
    1 - Move the RATE and FINE RATE pots on the module until you have an E2 on your tuner.
    2 - Add 3.000 Volts to the V/Oct CV input using your voltage source. Measure this voltage once it has been connected to the module to ensure it is 3.000 (3 volts)
    3 - Adjust RATE until you have E5 (+/- 0 cents) on your tuner.
    4 - Disconnect the voltage source from CV IN3 and adjust the V/Oct trimmer until you reach E2 + 0 cents
    5 – Go back through steps 2 - 4 until there is no need of adjustment after adding the 3.000 volts.

Can I use the metropolis, uScale or voltage block as cv source for calibration? On the metropolis, it should be 3 volts between c0 (c0=0volts?) and c3? What note is 3 volts usually?

I am not certain on how to acheive calibration whit what I have!?


The answer is that yes C3 is 3 volts (entire numbers are C on the different octaves 0 volt=C0, 1 volts=C1 etc.) so the C3 on the metropolis or similar modules should return 3 volts and be used to calibrate the Befaco sampling modulator.

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