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µTune gate out question
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Author µTune gate out question
Hi - I just got my µTune and after a bit of fumbling around things seem to be working just fine w00t I haven't checked out the MIDI yet, and I soon will with my MIDI keyboard, but that's secondary to using CVs for me.

Anyway, my question on Gate Out: Is it possible to have a gate out only on quantization events? That is, if the note stays the same (quantizes to two Middle Cs in a row, for example), can I configure it to _not_ output a gate? I see no mention of it in the manual, and I've tried various selections in Config, but nothing seems to work for this.

If not, no huge deal as I can mult the pitch output and run a copy into my Ornament & Crime (Meta-Q will do this) and use the gate out from o_c, but it would be nice not to have to do that.

I find that gate out only on pitch change to be a very useful feature - I use it a lot.
an 'auto-trigger-out' function is already implemented in the upcoming firmware, which will trigger gate-out on each note change.
Good news!

Thanks, and Cheers Guinness ftw!
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