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Guitar sound processing
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Author Guitar sound processing
I do not know where it's better to ask about this topic, maybe in the guitars section, but it seems to me that this topic is closer to the software.
After several days of relaxed research of the topic on the Internet, I realized that it is worth asking on the forum.
I want to dive into the guitar sound processing a bit on a different level than just the effect pedals / plugins in the daw.
Something that can change the sound of the guitar at a deeper level and completely reassemble it. What software or hardware + software could help in this?
I mean, from what I was looking for seems to me, similar things can do axoloti, or pure data, what else? probably supercolider?
any tips would help
why not get some good rack hardware processors with midi and experiment with those?
there are massive amounts of them
and/or some quality vintage gear
(that you can use when recording input)
there are serious downsides of relying o your computer to process guitar sounds
you want getting your tone from guitar amp combo
when you find it don't constantly fuck with it
then add effects
you can add little bit in your daw
yet be super careful not fucking up your sound
no clue how much experience you have with doing such
seriously avoid being dependent on the computer for your guitar sound

there is so much hardware for guitar
you need learning what works for you
in combination with your guitar/amp sound
(for your own sake avoid cheap shit like behringer as if it were the noobonic plague)

yet don't take my word on any of it
Eye use a soviet bigmuff on bass
there are racks that could suggest
yet ultimately you need finding/creating your sound
based on your own ears
and what you wan accomplishing
I meant the processing of sound during 'live'. Similiar to fennesz stuff, i mean not in sound 1 to 1, but more like process, how things can be accomplished?
>rack hardware processors
Did not think about it before. I'll try to explore.
not sure of "the process" you are referring during live
yet if you want doing computer based real time VST processing
maybe you can research & snag an old used MUSE for Live applications
easier than laptop
for multiple reasons

you can make muse into processors for your rig
plus way more
BlondieFurrey wrote:
I meant the processing of sound during 'live'. Similiar to fennesz stuff, i mean not in sound 1 to 1, but more like process, how things can be accomplished?
>rack hardware processors
Did not think about it before. I'll try to explore.

fennesz has used all the major sound mangling software on his recordings- max/msp, reaktor, pluggo, grm tools, ohm force, the list goes on. he also used a custom outboard distortion unit. as with anything, you'll need to know how to use those tools to get the most out of them and achieve the sound you're looking for.
comprehend & have used max/msp, reaktor, pluggo, grm tools,
never heard of or paid attention to fennesz much

he's using old ibook and a/d d/a USB interface for processing? ons.html
regardless would advocate something like MUSE for pulling it off live without laptop
learn DSP programming.... learn Reaktor.... learn MAX/MSP
or just figure effects programming with hardware in combination with VST
GRM even though ancient can be awesome
archived for classic Mac
plus max/msp 4 Reaktor 3
no clue what machine you are using now
thx for help and tips!
i'm using mbp 2014 right now. don't wanna invest atm in 'heavy' hardware stuff, and looking into more 'programming paradigm'.
need to research and looking onto anything that was mention in this thread.
GRM Tools
otherwise you need learning way for DSP programming on Mac
let me see if can think of any other opensource for OSX
yet you can also ask around here
even though it's OS9 forum people there are well versed in Mac Audio
you can also research this
yet they are currently out of stock

you can use that for processing your guitar w/ Mac "free" opensource
ask him on this thread about input2cv input2trigger/gate module for guitar fx
I know he uses a program built in max called lloopp (or ppooll). Ice used it and it's hard to wrap my head around it. Tim Hecker uses it to.

Look into musicSDP, its stand alone and was inspired by ppooll, much easier to use. Also look into vcv rack
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