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Anyone want cheap ugrids panels? (u_oc / uburst now added)
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Author Anyone want cheap ugrids panels? (u_oc / uburst now added)
Batch of 2nds.

GBP 10 each (pp f&f) plus gbp 2 world wide shipping per order (rather than per part)

These are all in 2mm silver.
I thought there would be some interest in these?

I have also realised that maybe its not clear why they are seconds?

Can you see that the Cl of "Clock" are joined, as are the es and et of "Reset"?

This is the only fault - an irritating (for me) vector error. The parts are all dimensionally correct, without blemishes, etc. etc. Ie perfect in other regards!
Id take one please mate!

Plan on building a uGrids at some stage so getting a panel might spur me on to get a pcb and components!
ok, ill pm you some details in a moment.

i think i now have six left : (
I'll take one too!
pm'd you details - i think that leaves 5 remaining
I'll take one!
pm'd - 4 left
And another 2nd, this time a uoc panel -

You can see that the circles around the lower socket layer are offset. No other faults.

Same price / shipping etc. as the ugrids. I think i only have 1-off these. In 2mm black anodised.
I think i have some other 2nds in the u range also, if anyone has anything specific that theyre after, ill go through the draws.

uburst -

ignore the dust -

rough cut and slight scuff around the lowest LED

the scuff would polish out fine, but im not going to bother as the part is a (for me) reject

2mm black anodised

same price / deal as the above parts
Three more uo_c in 2mm silver -

These are basically near perfect - there 2nds due to the slightly rough cut around the button holes. A touch up with a file would sort them out fine.

Same price / deal as above (per part, not for the three! : )
one silver uoc gone - black uoc and other silver uoc remain
black u-oc gone

everything purchased has shipped

i think i have some rings and plancks also if anyone is keen. need to take some photos.
I would be interested in them. Please post some pictures! Plancks v1 or v2?

I think these ended up on the reject pile as on the black part, the - sign above modulation is badly cut, and on the silver one, there is a slight mark on the first slider cut out (top right of the slot - you can just about see it on the photo).

I should probably ask GBP 15 for these, as theyre a more expensive part anyway, and the defects are so small, however ill keep to the GBP 10 price for any prior customers (or anyone else buying more than one part)
right, i think the remaining stock is -


5-off uburst
2-off uoc
4-off ugrids


3-off uburst
1-off plancks

very very minor imperfections on all, but nothing any worse than any of the photos above
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