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making a SP1200 yourself
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Author making a SP1200 yourself
daer muffwiggler,

i wanted to open a topic because i find the rising price of the legendary emu sp1200 to be getting out of hand since a while. i came to the point that id want to make one myself.

any tips how to get the housing?
ill post all info I find combing dats about the build and hope people would like to contribute and try to get a DIY build manual on this forum in .pdf :- )

best L
boombipbass ronic-music-production/628756-what-kind-filtering-done-sp1200-recreati ng-12-bit-akai-possible.html

there are SSi2144 VCF filter replicas. here how to mount them classically
ssm2044 pcb replacement mount to put the ssi2144 in(they are different chips) where can i make these?

there is a file on their website

where could we find this?


12bit AD7541 DAC
boombipbass ronic-music-production/628756-what-kind-filtering-done-sp1200-recreati ng-12-bit-akai-possible.html

other topic whether or not i should do this because of the pricing but id lik eto bring it on the market maybe and also have the complete DIY manual for those real nerds haha
Hey boombipbass,
I’m also an enormous fan of 12 bit samplers, and the sp1200 being the best of all of them imo...
Sadly I waited too long and now am not ever willing to pay what the sp’s are going for on eBay, so I’ve done some research as well...
I’m a complete newbie at diy, but I’m hoping that if no one else ever makes a worthy emulation/replacement for the sp1200, that maybe one day I can figure out how to make of myself....consider it a lifelong passion project of sorts...
I just ordered this 12 bit diy project
Any thoughts?
And in case you haven’t seen it already, here is a FASCINATING interview with Dave Rossum!
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