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SW Sync + LinnDrum
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Author SW Sync + LinnDrum
Hi. I'm trying to sync a LinnDrum with SW Sync. The 48PPQN setting seems to sync it. Where it falls down for me is getting it to start and stop so I don't have to run over to the Linndrum and manually hit "start/stop" between takes so its internal sequencer "rewinds" between takes and is therefore starting with my DAW. Without this working, it continues on the next step after it was last fed a sync signal.

I couldn't get any permutation of the Run Signal to work. Can you help?

From the Linndrum manual:

This jack accepts a normally open, momentary contact foot switch.
When pressed, the foot switch will duplicate the function of the PLAY/STOP switch.
I suspect the problem you have is that that's not actually a CV input, it's a switch input, a bit like the Moog s-trig standard.

You might search for information specifically on interfacing a LinnDrum with a voltage gate. Otherwise, adapting an s-trig solution (there are adaptor cables) might work.
I noticed if I took the cable out and just brushed it on any in or output jack in my modular, it would start and stop.

Thanks Os for the speedy reply. I'll look into it but heavy googling hasn't yet helped!
I can confirm for future Linndrummers-cum-Googlers (that sounds obscene) that V-trig to S-trig works a charm. Linn is starting and stopping and syncing with ease.

In SW Sync, choose 48PPQN for sync output and "Start/Stop" in the run section.

Thanks Os.
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