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looking for a 9v battery holder
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Author looking for a 9v battery holder
Hi DIYers!

for a 9v project i'm looking for a cheap 9v battery holder.

such as the BH9vP . it has to hold the battery in place on the pcb.

does anyone know where to buy such a holder for cheap?
preferable less than 1,- euro and in the EU.

I will need about 25 of these.

Thanks in advance!
fuzzbass _216427.html
thanks, but that one has wires instead of pins.

this might be a option with some extra steps if I can't find one that can be soldered on the pcb.

note: I edited the 1st post a bit while searching.
humax5600 ---Battery-Holder-1x9V-Block-PCB-Pins.html ---Battery-Holder-1x9V-Block-Solder-tag-connection.html -Battery-Holder-1x9V-Block.html
Thanks humax5600!

that last link looks promising. still no pcb pins though . but maybe I can work with it.

10 Stk. je 0,595 EUR

have you ordered there before?

grtz Martijn

note: Musikding has some cheap ones too.
Yes, I have already ordered parts from both MUSIKDING and DARISUS.
With both sellers no problems emerged. Everything good so far.
(Where are you based? Europe?)

I always used these from Rapid: -18-2990
- Rapid aren't always great for international orders though.

(searching for PP3 rather than 9V might help searches)
hi BugBrand

I'm in the Netherlands, so shipping might not be a problem.
Those where the prices I was looking for. excellent!

They also have the small slide switches I was hunting for smile
Cool -- + just remembered JPR also do them: BH-9VPC
i) might be easier for shipping ii) gives the manufacturer, so might allow you to hunt around
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