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Modding an Oakley Overdrive
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Author Modding an Oakley Overdrive

I'ver got an Oakley overdrive in 3u but its not quite distorting enough - especially when in Overdrive mode. Is there a way to mod the unit and get a bit more filth?

The distortion is quite nice. But again.. Could be dirtier SlayerBadger!
Firstly, check that both R3 and R6 are 33K. Earlier versions were built with less gain and these values were different.

Secondly, have a read, if you haven't done so already, pages 4 and 5 in the Builder's Guide.

Possible mods:

Increasing R3 to 330K will pretty much double the maximum (and minimum) gain.

You could also try reducing R2 to 470R. You may also need to double C2 to 470nF.

But it's worth noting that the Overdrive already has massive gain so an increase in gain alone may not give you what you want. If you generally want to dirty the sound then a mid range boost (with an EQ or resonant VCF) prior to sending it to the overdrive module works well.


Thank you for the reply. I didn't check the build guide as I picked up the disto used. I'm also just getting into diy.

At the moment I'm barely getting any gain if at all. It's got a nice fuzz when in distortion mode but mostly usable when set to about 50% wet... then the overal level drops a bit.

I'll check these things out when I'm back home tomorrow. Thanks again for the quick and detailed reply.
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