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Using iPG-800 Juno editor with midi cc question
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Author Using iPG-800 Juno editor with midi cc question
I know the Juno 2 and the jx-8p parameters are controlled by midi sysex and not midi cc. That's understood. I know I can use something like Bomes midi translator (which I own and is an awesome program) to convert midi cc to sysex for control of said synths. My question is not a how to do this in general, but is specifically related to using the iPG-800 controller app and the strange behavior of the on screen app controls responding to incoming midi cc's but not transmitting any sysex as they move. So here is the situation: The app sends out sysex to the synth when I move the on screen controls on the iPad with my finger, and as expected it works great. The change can be heard on the synth. BUT..... The controls on the app GUI will also respond to incoming midi cc messages from a midi controller and move on the iPad screen, but no sysex is sent out from the app in response. I turn a knob on my midi controller, the slider on the iPad screen moves, but no change in the sound. If I physically touch the same slider on the screen it changes the sound immediately. Question: What is the purpose of having only the app GUI be controllable by midi cc, or am I missing something. I am trying to see if I can use the app / iPad to directly convert a midi cc to sysex. ( only because I stumbled across the fact that the app seems to responds to midi cc's and I don't want to patch up a laptop running bomes for conversion).
When you change a parameter from the hardware synth the app screen updates. I believe the synth "talks back" to the app in sysex also, not midi cc. So, again, what would be the purpose of additionally having the app parameters able to be updated by midi cc? Much appreciation for any light that can be shed on why this works this way and if I'm totally missing something. I apologize for the rambling explanation. It's a late night of experimenting with my CV to midi converter.
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