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M553 and the Fantom G8
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Author M553 and the Fantom G8
I just want to make sure about one thing, or two. I would like to sync my 5U sequencers, the Q960 mostly working as clock for the rest, to the Roland Fantom G8 sequencer.
-First of all I´m wondering if this would work via a Moon modular M553, the G8 working as a master.
-Second, is it possible to sync the 5U sequencers to the G8 arpeggiator as well?
It will "probably" work quite well thumbs up but, I don't have a Fantom G8 so I can't say for sure. Some keyboards with internal arpeggiators don't output the note stream via MIDI but still might output the MIDI clock so check the manual.
Thanks, John! It´s a very specific question, and I suppose very few have come across this exact issue.
According to the manual, setting the G8 to Remote, instead of master, sends a click via MIDI. It´s supposed to work for start and stop too, which would be really nice.
The G8 arpeggiator has a click function, but I´m not sure if the arpeggios automatically syncronize to them. Tried shortly yesterday, and it didn´t seem they do (So, why is it there?).
The more I think about this, it seem like a Roland forum question, more than one for you 5U guys.
Anyway, thanks again, John.
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