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Help needed with DAW options and workflow
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Author Help needed with DAW options and workflow
Hi everyone. I'd appreciate some help with choosing a DAW and finding the right workflow.

What I want to achieve is to create electronic jazz music with jazz swing and solos. The idea is to have rhythm from synth sounds and pads (but not one or few loops, something with more variation like in actual jazz) , on top of that piano chords and/or bassline that isn't recorded in one take but rather programmed or stitched from multiple fragments and on top of that solos on trumpet and modular synth that would usually be in 1-3 live takes and with perhaps some small cuts in case of errors.

The problem I'm having is to combine the more programmed rhythm with chords and than to combine everything togeter ie. Short loops, chord sequences and solos. I can't really "morph" or stick to typical 4/4 grid because the swing gets lost. On the other hand I'm not good enough on keys and drums to do longer takes without errors so I need to build the sequences piece by piece like you would on a hardware sampler for example.

So far I didn't really like ableton (used an early version though, like live 6). I had the best results so far with renoise but it doesn't do editing and stitching longer samples very well. I was thinking about working on some simple software like ardour and just cutting, pasting, moving around. Perhaps there is a better software for this kind of workflow?
U might want to check out Junkiexl video's he does things like that with cubase. I am doing a bunch of stuff like this in protoolshd with fairly expensive plugins&hardware stack(ie full melodyne stack), but i would only go the protools path if your primarily doing music cues which have a lot of odd timings (film/tv/etc).
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