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6MIX dead after resistor change?
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Author 6MIX dead after resistor change?
I have built a 6MIX
it was working, I only had something strange in the LEFT button which was always lit and didn't mute anything
I had places some "bigger" 470 Ohm resistors and I was supecting they were the issue (I had soldered them badly just to make contacts with the pads)
I had some 470 Ohm ferrites with the correct size and decided to replace the left resistor with one of these

As soon as I powered the module, no light from the buttons and from the seems dead

is it possible that the ferrites caused the burn? or maybe I shirted something?
what should I try to replace now?
As mentioned in, the 470 ohms in case of a ferrite bead is not DC resistance like with a resistor, but a high frequency resistive impedance value.

So basically that change is almost the equivalent of shorting the 470 ohm resistor, which means it's highly possible there is some damage done.
ok thanks.
what might I have damaged now? I don't think there are schematics for the mixer....
The 2 470R look like they are current limiting resistors for the LED in the switches so It could have blown those LEDs, but if nothing is working I would check the diodes by the power connector first. Also check the R3 and R4 the 10R resistors by the power connector.
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