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ESX-8MD and Ableton
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Author ESX-8MD and Ableton
So I read in the manual that ableton handles midi on channel 1 for all plugins, but for my current situation I cannot figure out if this is the reason I am seeing limitations with the ES-5 controller plugin. I am trying to configure my Nord drum 2. Each on a different trigger and duplicating the plugin. I want to use midi from time to time to get pitch change ability. I can do this with my midi express 128 with ease obviously but that looking for the lowest latency possible.

Is this even possible to have duplicates of the es-5 controller plugin sending to the same output but different channels in ableton or any daw?

Thank you!
I think that information might be out of date, though I believe there are still differences with how Live handles AUs and VSTs with regard to MIDI input.

You can certainly use multiple ES-5 Controllers (stacked up on one track) but depending on exactly what you want to do you may not need more than one. Could you elaborate on what you want to set up?
I am wanting it to send midi to my nord drum 2. I have each midi channel of the nord 2 drum setup individually 1-6. I do not want to just trigger them because I already have a trigger riot and can use that. I want to be able to utilize the pitch of the midi. Currently I am able to set them up but only channel 1 sounds and the others mute channel 1 if on the same note.

1 plugin per channel
All set to omni
Channelize set to each channel
(I have tried every type of configuration though each channel separate instead of omni, off and channelize 1-6 each, all input channel 1 and channelize 2-7 each )
If it's MIDI, then you can only have one ES-5 Controller per MIDI device you're controlling.

So if you need to send multiple MIDI channels, you'll want it in Omni, with Channelize off, and you'll send the various MIDI channels into the plug-in.
You know what I didn't even think of using 1 channel for the plug then midi channels routing to each, honestly didn't even think that was an option always thinking 1:1 ratio setup...Os I was digging too deep again. Making it more complicated than it should be...I will give it a try tonight but this makes perfect sense.

Thank you again! I am truely humbled!
worked perfectly! thank you! I have been once again illuminated! smile
Guinness ftw!
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