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Midi from one source to multiple destinations
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Author Midi from one source to multiple destinations
What would be the best way to go about sending multiple Midi tracks from one source (my NI audio 6) via separate channels along the same cable to multiple synth sources?

I was looking at the MOTU MIDI Express 128 as a possibility.

Basically in the coming year or so I hope to acquire a couple rack/desktop synth s and maybe a Kurzweil k2xxx. Right now I only have a small modular and one poly synth. I mostly just use one per piece of music, so I just record all the parts one at a time.

I like to compose the entire track in Reason before I record anything. To save time in the future when I have more instruments at my disposable I would eventually like to be able to record multiple synth parts simultaneously.

Is something like the Motu the best approach, or is there going to be a lot of timing issues. I envision mostly just note data being sent.

Any help would be appreciated!
Any competent MIDI splitter will work. Better would be a MIDI patchbay which allows switching the MIDI source easier, say if you have more than one master keyboard or want to sync to a drum machine or other source. Many of the latest crop of MIDI patchbays also have merging capabilities which can be useful when you want to merge MIDI sources.

MIDI Solutions has a large selection of boxes able to to all of these functions -
Thanks for the info! Ill definitely check that out.
I use midi solutions thru
Kenton are very good, built like a tank, and they also do various MIDI to CV boxes and other MIDI utility boxes:
Ill check out the Kenton's.

The Midi Solutions boxes look great but unfortunately my audio interface does not send powered midi messages...

I guess a workaround would possibly be to send the midi from my interface through my Akai Mpk49 then to the splitter. Might introduce unnecessary lag though, plus I don't known if the Akai provides powered midi either.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far everyone!
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