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Author in a nutshell
hihi Give it time! Like any respectable addiction your ability to make an insane amount of purchases will often happen quickly and be almost unnoticeable until you come up for air a few years later and realize you already have several times the amount you once thought was impossible! eek! MY ASS IS BLEEDING hyper screaming goo yo nanners
Don't worry, you'll end up like this in no time:

And there's another 5 rows out of shot on the right...
No matter how much money you have, it's still an addiction....

Sometimes the journey is the thing...

...other times a little sanity is worthwhile.


I had a goal of making a large enough system to play live with several voice parts and more than two sequencer lines. At the time I was multi-tracking things and was dissatisfied with my method. It took about five years to get there but the rest of the system growth has been excessive (I'll admit) but fun.

Go slow and be patient. It can happen if you want it and do it responsibly. (no use of credit is my governor).

Never let your dreams die! This is fun!
Eric the Red
unrecordings wrote:
Don't worry, you'll end up like this in no time:

And there's another 5 rows out of shot on the right...

Those nice angled ceilings are perfect for mounting a few more racks to. You are wasting so much space.
I decided to build my own MOTM style system specifically because I couldn't afford the studio 110. My goal was to approximate the studio 110 within my lifetime. In just 2-3 years I had all the parts to fill 120 MOTM spaces with much tighter layouts and smaller knobs help
Just me
3 of those to one small Buchla.
Just me wrote:
3 of those to one small Buchla.

List Price? Buchla is a lot fewer modules for the money...
"Hey, I coulda had a Buchla!"
I am getting perilously close to the "unaffordable" 110.
A garage, a 44-space cab, maybe a few power components, and a crown, and I'm there. Already I can fill another 44 with modular odds and ends. And I admit it, I already have the brackets to connect it all... oops
An 18-space Buchla 200e will run you close to 2x the price of the Studio 110. Different strokes and all that. smile
started out.. 'oh I will just build a 44 space cabinet' ... built a 110 cab..
full now..
building another another 22 space shelf..
yea.. that will turn into a 44..
I'm looking at about 142MU plus some cp and euro over here myself. Don't forget you can start with one cabinet and grow, you can do a lot with a little
Rex Coil 7
Over the last month I completed a keyboard controller that I never dreamed I'd ever be able to afford ....

... a .... twenty .... five ... hundred .... dollar .... keyboard controller ....

not this shit again

... that doesn't make one single sound ....

(and I'm partially finished adding another keybed to that one ... so make it $3,200)

The MSN Smack!
I'd decided I'd 'finished' last November. When I say finished, I think 'equilibrium' is a more precise term - all my modules were sat in cases with no spaces, nothing half built and nothing in the queue.

But there was an itch to scratch, firstly because I enjoy building, and secondly because I'd got just less than 200 modules. So off we went again...

I've just taken delivery of some ISEP mounting rails - enough for 44U with maybe another 11U depending on how I use up some offcuts I have. I'll fill half of it almost immediately...

With my external power distribution most of my cases are 2x11U or 1x11U. So I've got lots of little to do lots with

Rockin' Banana!
Previous post of mine is of course now obsolete, assembling a 133 space system as we speak. And then there's the MOTM... seriously, i just don't get it
All set to assemble the 133...except minor setback hihi
Washers. The guy who sold me the brackets didn't include any.
The Home Despot only seems to sell them 3 pcs. at a time, no way.
I can take some from my MOTM cabinets but then rack rash rears its ugly head woah
So it's another shopping trip in the offing. d'oh! A bit of a shame that an out-of-stock $3.00 pack of washers can hold up this (considerably more expensive) project but "for want of a nail" as the old saw has it.
If I get totally desperate I can fabricate my own with a sheet of plastic, a hole punch, and a drill, but...NOOOoooo.... meh
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