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Korg gadget users ?
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Author Korg gadget users ?
How you enjoying it , I just bought for Mac as its half price, had on iOS for a while.

Do you use the gadget plugins much in other DAWs?
I use the app on my old iPad when I travel and I’ve transfered some of the projekts to Ableton to build on them but I’m yet to finalize any of those tracks.

I think the app is great. The instruments are fine but the workflow is the real star by just being kind of simple and useable, which isn’t that often seen on iOS units.
Yes it’s a great sketch pad if nothing else. Having access to some M1 and Triton sounds is nice as is the Tokyo gadget and Chiangmai.

Automation is very accessible.
the tone ranger
I find it very inspiring, about half the tracks I’ve made over the last 4 years where started in Gadget. I like it so much I got Ableton Live purely for the export function. I don’t like sequencing full songs in Gadget, that’s the only thing that has a lot of room for improvement.
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