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What happens if you downgrade in Ableton update ?
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Author What happens if you downgrade in Ableton update ?
£400 is my discount upgrade price, which kind of spoils my original deal back in Live 4. I went up to suit when I upgraded to 9, if I did upgrade to 10 but went standard , will I lose things, such as Max?
Pretty sure that yes, you "lose" all the Suite-only devices and Packs.
My Discount upgrade price from standard 9 to 10 Suite was about £227.

This was when 10 was being released.

Are you sure your price is correct?

suite 9 to Suite 10 should be less.
yeah and alot of instruments / effects etc.

just write them and ask them - they are generally quite cool about this kind of thing.
Yeah, I can't check on Ableton's site, but on Sweetwater it is 224 USD for upgrade from Suite 7-9 to Suite 10.

400 GBP is about 514 USD.

514 USD is about what I paid in my entire 5 years long upgrade path from Intro 9 to Standard 9 to Suite 9 (got 10 free because my Suite upgrade was a bit before they announced the 10 beta).

Intro to Standard to Suite is not even the cheapest path, in fact, it is probably the worst. Could have saved at least $60 if I had gotten my Launchpad Mini before I got Intro (I was not really sold on Live when I got Intro), and upgraded from Lite straight to Suite.

OP should check if selected the right upgrade-able license in Ableton's store.
Wait for a sale. Ableton regularly does 20-30% discount on upgrades/new licenses. JRR has a Ableton Live Suite Upgrades on sale right now for $224.

There will likely be cheaper prices as we move into the holidays, as well.
IMO it is not likely it will be cheaper soon, they did a 30% sale just once 5 years ago, since then it is always 20-25%, and the current sale is a 25% one.
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