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ES-5 Controller and VCV Rack
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Author ES-5 Controller and VCV Rack
big job head
As there's no module to use the es-5 with vcv rack straight out of the box i tried to setup something with Ableton and ES-5 controller but i have mixed results.

I use soundflower as a virtual soundcard (agregated with my rme soundcard) to send 8 gates from VCV to Ableton and from there i do a simple routing to each input of es-5 controller.

Everything seemed to work fine but the gates i have on the ES-5 seem a bit erratic, they are more like bursts instead of solid steady gates (you can't see it from eyes on the es-5 but when plugged into other modules it becomes obvious)

I have no problem with the gates straight from VCV to ES-3 and no problem with gates from VCV to soundflower/ableton/es-3. So i presume the problem comes from the way the ES-5 controller translates the signal from VCV.
I also checked that every software was clocked properly.

Do somebody have an idea about what i could check to make this works?

By the way is there a chance to see an es-5 encoder module in vcv rack see the light of day?

This will be down to the aggregate device. Why are you not using the VCV Bridge for this?
big job head
Well done, it's the aggregate, didn't ever though of it....

I tried with VCV bridge but the setup caused some random CPU peaks on live (on a powerfull computer)
Moreover having 4 audio modules and 4 VCV bridge only for gates and triggers seemed overkill, i though i could get a more stable setup with less plugins.
I think i have no other choice.

I would have programmed an ES-5 encoder myself in VCV rack if i had a minimum knowledge in programming but it's clearly not the case ^^

thanks for the help!
big job head
have made some big improvements in my setup.
Always thought vcv bridge was only a 2 channels bridge but i discovered you can route outputs 3 to 8 in live.
So i made a little max4live patch and a very simple template.

this max patch is intended for 1 es5 on pair 1/2.
I'll soon upload a patch for 6 es5 and some routing options.

hope this could help wink
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