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Dual/Quad VCA V2.0 Builders guide
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Author Dual/Quad VCA V2.0 Builders guide
I'm getting ready to build a few more modules and will be building a Quad VCA. I have already built a Dual VCA and note that since I built this the PCB and Schaeffer front panel have been revised and are now at issue 2. I also notice from the web site that the pot spacing has been adjusted such that the panel now requires 4x20mm knobs and not 2x27mm and 2x20mm as previously.

Please confirm I have understood these changes correctly and the text in Builders Guide Issue 2, page 7, 'Other parts Required', "Two 27mm knobs and two 20mm knobs" is in error and should now read "Four 20mm knobs".
And the positions of the switches have moved so you might have problems mixing issue 1 & 2 pcb/panels.
The PCB's pot and switch spacing hasn't changed between the two issues. You can use the new panel design, or the older one, as both will fit either issue of the board.

The front panel design has been changed to the newer way I'm doing things. Any single width module that uses switches I've been changing and moving the PCB slightly to the left. This gives the switches more space and, I think, improves the look of the panel.

I've also removed the two differing control knob sizes in the suggested new design of the D-VCA and Q-VCA modules. All the knobs are now the same size. This brings it into line with most of the other modules that use the 'four pot - six socket' layout - as well as Krisp1's K1 MOTM format modules.

But I hadn't realised I had left the old references to the different knob sizes in the Builder's Guide. I've just changed this to reflect the newer suggested panel design.

To reiterate, you can use the older panel design if you wish and you can mix and match issue 1 and issue 2 boards with no problems.

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