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conjectural multi-track rack output module
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Author conjectural multi-track rack output module
The convenience and transparency of the ES-8’s four ADCs begs the question what a module with—say—sixteen ADCs might look like and cost, as a clean and convenient way to get multitrack digital audio from a rack into a computer on a single cable.

Ideally, it’d be a narrow panel with just one USB jack on the front, and ribbon connectors on the back that could be attached to third party mixers (e.g., the WMD Performance Mixer or the 4ms Listen series) or a simple expander with front-facing jacks.

Perhaps such a low-volume product would wind up too expensive to be competitive? Perhaps the idea of open connectivity on the back is electronically unrealistic?
FWIW an ES-8 can be expanded up to 12 inputs with the ES-6 & ES-7.
os wrote:
FWIW an ES-8 can be expanded up to 12 inputs with the ES-6 & ES-7.

Yes. I have an ES-8, I’ve been experimenting with it, and that’s how I came to raise the question.

The problem, from my (perhaps impossibly narrow) point of view, is that there’s a gap. In the last three years, there’s been an explosion of stereo mixers for Eurorack, and those have had a profound effect on how many people use their modulars (workflow). Integrating a tool like the WMD Performance Mixer with the ES-8/6/7 is—at best—a nightmare of mults. Meanwhile, the WMD PM already has got direct out pin headers around back that can connect to a DB25 expander, but then you’ve got two clunky DB25s to deal with, and those have to lead somewhere—probably a separate $3000 interface. cry If only those pin headers could connect to the back of a slim ADC module instead! And right now, ES is rules that roost. That’s where I’m coming from.
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