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Help needed for Atom build, trade services?
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Author Help needed for Atom build, trade services?
After successfully building a 6mix I went ahead and attempted to build one of these fine atom kits...and failed.
Thankfully, I started with the IC’s first, so I didn’t waste too many parts.
I’ve come to the conclusion that I am just not setup to correctly solder those ultra fine pitched chips. Due to my inexperiance I am now left with a board with several damaged pads (pretty sure it can’t be salvaged).

So, to the point.
Is there anyone who is experienced here who can help me out?
What I need is a new main board with just the main chips soldered in place, firmware flashed would be icing on the cake!
I am skilled enough to handle the remaining components and the control board.
Ideally, I’d prefer to trade services, but understand if you would prefer cash instead.
Build something for me and I’ll build something for you.
Here is a link to have a look at my design work:

Really hope someone will take me up on this offer, an elements/atom has been on my “must have” list for far too long.

I'd really recommend it that you take a bit more effort and looked for the correct tools for the job, as you'll have so much fun building these modules, not to mention that it's very rewarding to be able to build your own stuff without external help. Maybe get an smd practice set from ebay/aliexpress for a few bucks and try that before going to real projects. I did the same, and since then through hole became a pain in the ass compared to SMD.

Here is a tutorial for it that gave me great tips and a kickstart in soldering:
Thank you for responding to my post. I am a big fan of your work!

So after reading your reply, and after watching the linked video, you have inspired me enough to give it another go. I did learn a few things that prevented me from going past my comfort zone of soic IC’s and 0603’s.

I was using too high of a temp for my iron.
Not nearly enough flux.
And lastly the wrong type of tip for my iron.

Now the issue is obtaining just the main pcb. Its a shame the place I bought the original set from doesn’t sell just the boards without the panel.
Thank you again.
Hello, I soldered the Atom board, flooded the bootloader and firmware, but when I turn on one LED (top) and the play button blink several times. After that, the button does not work when pressed and the LEDs do not light up.
Tell me what could be the reason. I'm trying to figure out the .sch and .brd files, but the installed program gives errors to these files.
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