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Electronic music store
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Author Electronic music store
Who took over Electronic Music Store? Anyone know why they have been out of stock for certain panels? These questions might be better asked to the website, but I also wanted to know if anyone has had any issues with shipping since the change over.
What panels are you wanting?

So far as I'm aware, I've filled up all the gaps (ie all panels are availible, either from me or from EMstore)

I think my web store needs some new stock adding, but certainly the majority of missing parts are up there -

The out of stock items are (probably) on the shelves here, but I've just been crazy busy recently. If there is something specific, let me know, and I'll check for you (and / or recut - I don't like being out of stock of anything, but, as I say, unusual times...)

Edit #1 - 245, 158 and 292 are out of stock on my site. I think I have more 292 and 158 parts, and 245 can be recut on relatively short lead time.

Edit #2 - I have 285 and 277 in engraved also, they just havent made it onto the site. And half way through another couple...
Reese P. Dubin
I get the impression that no new stock of anything will appear until some deal with new Buchla boss is worked out.
At least the official rumor goes that Shawn of Analogue Haven is the current maintainer / owner of the store after Roman decided to focus on other things.

If the rumor is true, I've always had good experience dealing with him. Can't specifically vouch for the EM store because I've never ordered anything from there - whether during the previous "management" or current.
Reese P. Dubin
Its true.
Yes, Shawn Cleary is certainly running EMS now. He’s been very good about keeping people updated by email with news on the v2 MARF (BOM and firmware finally available!) so I’d say there’s definitely life.

All the Roman PCBs are in stock. I’m pretty sure that means there have been restocks. The panel and power distribution situation is different — they didn’t come from Roman in the first place, and remain frustratingly unavailable.
Running out of things to DIY in Euro and thinking of turning to EMS for my next fix... happy they're only across town!
Yep, Shawn is running it and I've made numerous orders over the last few months with absolutely no issues - quick shipping and good communication.
I know it's not the point of the thread but I gotta add my appreciation for Shawn @ EMS. Fast shipping, great communication.

- Jim
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