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[AVAILABLE] HI-Fusion VCF by Feedback
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Author [AVAILABLE] HI-Fusion VCF by Feedback

HI-Fusion VCF is a redesign of a classic high pass OTA VCF with corrections and addons.
It's working very well on v/oct and with FM modulation on FREQ cv input.
It's one of the best VCFs based on LM13700 chips, sounding like the classic SH and System filter.
(It contains 4x2n5457 FET transistors available easy on ebay)

More information will be available soon.

We uploaded the schematic and BOM, but we are still working on the manual.

We used two oscillators slightly detuned as the sound source.

Output with switch in 4Pole position.


Output with switch in 2Pole position.


VCO inserted in FREQ CV input.


LPfet through VCA. ADSR to VCA and another ADSR for LPfet.


HI-Fusion will be available in two type of kits :

KIT1 : 20EUR (2PCBs+frontPanel)
KIT2 : 35EUR (Pcbs+FP, 5xminijacks, 4xpots 50KB and 50KA, 2xboard connectors, 4x2N5457)

Complete module will be 90EUR.

KIT1 :

KIT2 : kit1 +

sounds good thumbs up
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