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Repairing/Maintaining old synth (Yamaha CS-5)
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Author Repairing/Maintaining old synth (Yamaha CS-5)
One of my dad's mates has given me his old CS-5, I've been having wicked fun with it today. It's in really good cosmetic condition (with the manual!), but quite a lot of the pots are scratchy or do weird things when you turn them (cutoff for example makes a bubbling sound) also it occasionally plays a random note.

What's the deal with repairing this sort of thing? Its obviously pretty old, I'm a bit scared that if I take it apart it might disintegrate (like my mate's vintage big muff he asked me to repair, the PCB fell to pieces in my hands d'oh! ) I really don't want to desecrate a nice vintage synth, but I suppose it's better working properly than not. What's the etiquette on this sort of thing? I am pretty competent at soldering and desoldering, also I'm generally pretty good at putting things back together. I don't have the money to pay a professional to restore it.

I'm guessing it's full of ancient caps that are ready to blow which would probably need replacing, I'm guessing again that they're probably mostly tantalums, is it a good idea to replace these with electros or just put back in tants?

also, does anyone have a link to a schematic for this thing?
EDIT: Found one here :

Thanks in advance.
Ah.. I considered repairing my mate's antique CS5 some years ago - he and I are probably the age of your Dad, as it goes.

I didn't know where to start either - replacing every pot looked close to torture so I put it all back together. It was great when it worked all that time ago!
Start as simple as possible. Disassemble, clean the pots, and clean keyboard contacts. If you are careful this should all be pretty easy - the hardest part would be disassembly & reassembly.

You can find someone's disassembly photos here:

If any pots don't get better just from working them over, I'd blast them out with air and use a cleaner/lube like deoxit. You can do the same for switches.

For the keyboard it depends on how it works, but if it's a conductive rubber deal there should be a lot of good guides on cleaning and or repairing those, also pretty simple.

The caps are probably all fine. Almost definitely not about to blow.
Just be careful with those old Yamahas, as they LOVE to put all kinds of stuff (VCAs, VCFs, etc) on their own proprietary IC chips, which are not always easy or inexpensive to get if they are blown!
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