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MU, MOTM and Eurorack panel appearance spec?
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Author MU, MOTM and Eurorack panel appearance spec?
I've been searching far and wide for any sort of comprehensive specification for the visual appearance of MU, MOTM and Eurorack. So far I've found none, but here's what I've gathered from reading the forums

    MU - Black panels with white labeling. Knobs are black with silver face. No exceptions to these rules.
    MOTM - Same as MU
    Eurorack - Anything goes. Panels can be any color and with any artwork or lettering you want. Knobs are smaller

Are my assumtions on target?
Where does one buy the black silver faced knobs used by MU and MOTM? I see that has a 1'' one for $4, but that seems rather pricey. I see lots of vendors have knobs that look somewhat like it but is there a particular make and model of knob used?
MU: inspired by the original Moog modules, uses the same panel spacing as the original, most users seem to want to keep their MU modules as oldschool looking as possible. Look at vintage Moog modules for what most MU users want as far as panel design.

MOTM: inspired by Moog, but on a strict grid, with different panel spacing. Moog-ish, but different. There's a variety of MOTM DIY that breaks the MOTM grid spacing "rules". Used to be a popular DIY format, probably still is to an extent, but DIY euro and MU seem more popular for DIY now. MOTM was designed and specified by Paul Schreiber (sp?) around the late 90s, he makes euro modules under the Synthtech name now. I think the MOTM brand was actually sold off to Synthcube.

Euro: Yeah, anything goes, pretty much. Started out with pretty straightforward, simple graphics, lots of grey and black and silver, with Doepfer and Analogue Systems. Some people still prefer the grey, black, and silver look. Greyscale has made a business out of that.

For knobs, check out Small Bear electronics, they have a wide selection
For knobs you're looking for fluted style with a silver center. Some of the results that come up for "Boss style" work as well. You can find them at Tayda, Mouser, DigiKey, and a number of other places. As chocolatyshatner mentioned, Small Bear has a good selection of knobs. Try these under the Synth Pointer category.
This is going to get overwhelming very quickly I think but, if we add in dribs & drabs it might be easier to digest (and I don't write long posts)

Official MOTM Knob:
Alco/TE Connectivity - PKES 27mm Fluted Knob
Alco Part number - PKES-90B-1/4
Mouser - PKES-90B-1/4

However there are cheaper clones out there, many of the Chinese clones come with part numbers like RN99D or MF-A03. Getting them from China can be hit & miss - my last order was a miss, so I replaced them with a batch from Musikding. Musikding/Tayda etc will at least have some element of quality control
As for the MOTM grid:

The file I uploaded though is my version - I'm not guaranteeing that it'll be a perfect match for an MOTM board from Synthcube, but it's very very close
Official MU knob is Cosmo brand Fluted Taper Skirt knob with Inlay:
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