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Mutable Links repair - insights request
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Author Mutable Links repair - insights request
My factory built Links has a bum output (upper right) on the 1-3 multiple. I have some SMD experience and rework tools... but I don't know circuits that well. Can you point to test points?

I've looked at the PCB layout... and assume it would be either the jack or some component in the top section.
First I'd say if you have a factory build, just contact Mutable Instruments and they would likely repair or replace it.

But, if you wanted to try to fix it:

This is the schematic for Links

Attached is an image of the relevant part of the schematic, as well as red circles on images of the PCB front and back of where to test. I would start with the leg of the jack and work backwards from there (Jack, both sides of resistor R2, pins 8 or 9 of the OpAmp (which are connected).
Amazing answer. Thx for pointing out the correct spots. I'll look around it first... and maybe contact Mutable.
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