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Vintage switches ?
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Author Vintage switches ?
Hi folks, quick question: apart from eBay, anyone know a good source of vintage (50's and up) switches ? Preferably 2A plus, old radio gear etc. I'm in the UK but just prefer the look and feel of old switch gear.
Old test gear, military surplus - but it tends to just find its way onto ebay

How many do you need ? - I've got a small collection that's possibly too large for my needs
When I was in High School back in the late 60's, I lived on a Navy Base in Tennessee just outside of Memphis. It was a Navy Air training base. They had this field full of de-commisioned aircraft of all types, fighters, transport, helicopters etc. They used them for fire training, dousing them with gas, lighting them up and training on putting the fires out. We would sneak into the field and strip switches and connectors off of them at night. There is an incredible number of heavy duty toggle switched in a fighter or helicopter (much easier to remove from the helicopters). I got a ton of them back then. Lots with those flip up guards and such. Which I had a resource like that now. Such a waste that they all get destroyed.
Thanks, fellas.

I'm looking for a UK supplier, really.

MiG21, never seen so many switches. ;-) Soviet aircraft had a massive amount of switchgear just for power routing. The amount of switches you had to flick to start a MiG or Sukhoi is astounding.

Might see if my Russian friends can get me some. ;-)
There's several viintage radio enthusiast websites around - have you tried them? Ah, bakelite.
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