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DIY format converter + what else?
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Author DIY format converter + what else?
Found an old Califone passive headphone splitter in a junk shop:

and with a little spray enamel and some extra jacks, I turned it into a passive converter to connect my bugbrand and MU format synths:

I am happy with how it turned out (despite wishing I had some orange banana jacks) but I wonder if its not a waste of space. There is a bunch of empty room on the inside of the case, and I feel as though I can probably do more with this. What would you recommend I include with this build? A little 9v PCB kit that would make a format jumbler really useful? I thought about adding a row of multiples for the 1/4" jacks, but I dont really need more of those. What would you do flesh out this build DIY masters??

Hmmm, I would use the empty space on the panel and make more in's and out's
And for mine I like that it is passive. One tool where I don't have to search the power supply... Guinness ftw!
Passive attenuators?
I did the same with 1/8 > 1/4 converters.
Also useful as a cable extender lol
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