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DU-INO: The Ultimate Eurorack Arduino Shield
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Author DU-INO: The Ultimate Eurorack Arduino Shield
Something new from Detroit Underground I think might appeal to the DIY set. Help us get to production and be a part of our open source project by backing us on Kickstarter!

DU-INO: The Ultimate Eurorack Arduino Shield

We'll be demoing the prototypes at Knobcon this weekend. Hope to see some of you there!
...looks nice. but what's the point of that "FAQ", i wonder?

it's kind of flattering (to us), but fairly misleading for most everyone else. looking at the schematic, i, for one, don't quite see how the "most significant technical difference" is the dev-board form factor. as it, the reference to o_C mainly serves to insinuate that "DU-INO" is essentially similar but somehow more "ultimate", though not "quite as precise" (despite the fact of "using precision ADC and DAC circuits"). that doesn't strike me as useful information.

either way, there's nothing particularly creative about putting a DAC, OLED, and a bunch of encoders all on the same board (Omnimod, Xaoc Zadar, ┬ÁTune ...), so no reason to single out o_C. why not just put up the specs in plain language?
The FAQ is literally where I am answering frequently asked questions. smile

o_C is singled out because nobody's asked how it differs from Omnimod or Zadar. Maybe it isn't quite hitting the point, but at least some people seem to look at o_C less in that vein and more as a "Teensy shield for Eurorack with apps" (and isn't that a little bit true?), so when I describe DU-INO that way with s/Teensy/Arduino it is common for people to ask if it's just another o_C. I guess I can see how coming at the FAQ without already having made that mental link, it can look like it's trying to make it for you, but that certainly wasn't my intent: I'd prefer people look at them as apples and oranges, because if they're "essentially similar" then o_C, with its Teensy, dual encoders, and better CV specs, is obviously more "ultimate" at a similar price point. lol

For what it's worth, the way I described it all weekend at Knobcon was that o_C is focused more on CV generation and processing (and is a better tool for that job), and that DU-INO is more of a general-purpose tool for control and modulation. I just lifted the FAQ reply from a Reddit thread where the question was more around specific features than essence. I've updated the FAQ on the Kickstarter a bit based on that.

In any case, I want to offer an accurate picture. What would be most informative in your opinion?

    * Discussing more the differences in essence and intended purpose?
    * A direct spec comparison? (I was avoiding that to avoid insinuating that they are similar.)
    * Just removing the reference to o_C entirely?

Cheers for your great work on o_C, by the way. applause
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