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what's the upper limit on I/O for the ES-8, and how to do?
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Author what's the upper limit on I/O for the ES-8, and how to do?
Having trouble finding a clear answer on this one and there are so many expanders. What's the maximum number of channels you can get for both input and output on an ES-8, and which modules do you chain up to get that? Is there a different limit between having them all be general purpose (1v / gate / trigger / CV / audio) vs some being limited to certain signal types?

Channel count: 12 in, 16 out

To achieve that you would add ES-3, ES-6 & ES-7.

That's for general purpose audio/CV outputs. If you want to add the ES-5 and other expanders you can go much further.
so you'd have ES-3->optical->ES-8 to bring input total to 12, ES-6->header->ES-8 with ES-7 attached to ES-6 to bring outputs to 16. At that point you've got 12 in / 16 out general purpose. How do you expand from there without losing any functionality on the 12+16 general purpose channels? or do you inherently need to give up some general purpose as it appears, i.e. lose two channels of output to get 12 general in, 14 general out, 8 gate/clock/sync?

I guess what I'm looking for is a clear answer on what configuration produces the absolute maximum IO that can be achieved with the ES-8. It sounds like that's 12+16 for maximum all-purpose, so what's the max if we give up some of those in favor of more but with narrower typing?
You can connect an ES-5 to either or both of the ES-3 & ES-8.

ES-5 plus 5 other expanders gives you 48 outputs. So your maximum output count is

48 (ES-5)
48 (ES-5)
6 (ES-3, remaining after ES-5)
6 (ES-8, remaining after ES-5)

equals 108.
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